#44 save $75k

Whew. This is a doozy. Save seventy-five thousand dollars in 1001 days

Since this is one of the loftier items on my 101 list, I thought it would be best to get a really clear idea of what I have to do to break this down. A lot of the other items on my list are things I can cram just before the deadline. Saving this kind of dough ain’t one of them.

Let’s see. I have to break this down into baby steps. For now, I’m not going to worry about how to make the money. That’s for another day.

Today, I checked my current guaranteed interest savings account, and I have a balance of approx. $8,400. That’s not a lot of rainy day cover for a self-employed person, which is why #44 is on the list. I am slowly becoming my mother’s daughter, and the idea of being poor in my old age scares the pants off me.

Yes! Fear seems to be quite the little motivator where some of the items on my list is concerned. So, let’s reframe that, shall we? Rather than being fearful of being poor, I am actually VERY excited by the prospect of being wealthy and enjoying a certain level of affluence.

Ah, that feels better!

Now the nitty-gritty.

In order to save $75 K in three years, I need to put $1800 a month into my savings account that yields, on average, 3% interest. This is not a lot of interest, my friends! So some of my future homework will be finding a better place, say GICs, to save my money and use the magic of compound interest to my savings advantage.

But what does that break down to a day? Because that’s where my money seems to be flying out the door. You know, on Starbucks, parking, lunches and dinners. Oh sure, there have been a lot of big, frivolous expenses too, but the little ones… they’re the ones I can curb without feeling the pinch too much.

In order to save $75K in three years, given my current savings balance in an account that yields 3% interest, I need to save (or deposit into said account) $60/day.


Well. This certainly puts all those Starbucks Americanos and twelve bucks a day for parking into perspective.

My current plan of attack:

Put 20% from every paycheck into my savings account.

Now that I know how much I need to save on average every month to accomplish my goal, I will cross check my savings and what I’ve deposited every month with what my target is. If I’m having a flush month, I’ll deposit more since my income fluctuates.

I was about to write that I feel scared and daunted by this goal, but the truth is, I’m not. I feel more open and aware of what I want out of life, what I can do to accomplish it, and I feel confident that I can meet my target.

And even if I don’t, I’m already ahead of where I was yesterday.




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2 responses to “#44 save $75k

  1. freyjah

    RBC has a special 4% interest rate right now on 2-year GICs.

  2. Darting Dolphin

    Now that real estate prices are low (and still falling) you may kill two birds with one stone by grabbing a high-end apartment for a pittance. Part of the 75 k$ will come from the “over-value” this apartment should have by the time the 1000-odd days have passed.

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