glass half full or empty?

I grabbed these “Dating Stats & Facts” from the It’s Just Lunch website. I don’t know if this bodes well for my dating adventures. Today I’m inclined to see the glass half empty, but that could change by tomorrow.

  • Wednesday:
    The best day for a first date according to 41% of singles. (I agree, there’s less pressure than a Thursday or Friday date.)
  • 15 Minutes:
    The time it takes for a man to determine whether or not he wants to see a woman again. (I deduced within two minutes I didn’t want to see “D” again. Romantically, that is.)
  • One Hour:
    The time it takes for a woman to determine whether or not she wants to see a man again. (Aha! I knew it, I’m a man inside.)
  • 13 Million:
  • The number of single adults in Canada (This is depressing. The country only has 30 + million people. You mean there’s 29,999, 999 other people like me? I don’t think so. Obviously a padded statistic.)
  • Top cuisine choices for a first date:
  • 46% Italian, 19% Steakhouse, 16% Japanese, 11% Mexican, 8% French (Bizarre. Italian is the one food I stay away from. Don’t get me wrong, I adore pasta but’s it’s dangerous first date territory. What if you spill tomato sauce all over yourself? I guess, as my mother would say, then you have no business dining in public. She also told me I have no business wearing skirts or dresses with short hems because I don’t have the knees for them. Thanks, mom. Her advice hasn’t stopped me, though, and today I’m wearing a green shirt dress that, yes, shows my knees. Below, a photo of the rule-breaker: From where else but Anthropologie.)
  • 1 in 8:
    The chance you have that a first date will call you for a second date after 24 hours have passed. (Why is this on the It’s Just Lunch website? Do they really mean to strike fear in the hearts of singles? Granted, not hearing from the first date could be a very GOOD thing and immense relief.)
  • 17%:
    The chance of liking a date set up by a friend. (So really, buying into their service is a waste of time? I feel like a chump. Or is the site using this stat to plug their service? As in, ‘see your friends don’t know what they’re doing, but we do!’ If that’s the case, they need to push this point. Oh, and return my phone calls. Hello, it’s been three weeks since my last IJL date and they guarantee at least 14 dates within a year. Time’s a ticking!!)

And that’s the day in my dating news.



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One response to “glass half full or empty?

  1. kaelala

    I’m with you — it certainly doesn’t take me an hour to decide if I want to see a guy again.

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