#78 blind date #2 of ten update

A.K.A. the date that didn’t happen.

We were supposed to have lunch on Monday. When the It’s Just Lunch people called me on Friday to arrange the date, they said he was going to Spain on Monday evening. I asked if he had the time to meet for lunch and they said he was absolutely positive he did. Fast forward to Monday and surprise, surprise “D” needed to reschedule.

I get it, but I think it’s … um… unfortunately it’s left a bit of a negative impression on me. If you travel a lot, and supposedly he does, then don’t you know already that agreeing to a blind date lunch on the day you’re flying to Europe is overly ambitious and unrealistic?

Then again, I have been known to be a bit, erm, harsh when making snap judgements. So I will put this behind me, chalk it up to bad circumstances, and not hold it against “D” when I finally meet him in September.

That’s mature, no? In the meantime…




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