#96 make a monthly donation to the Humane Society for 24 months


I’ve set up a monthly payment to come from my credit card.

So now to answer the why and what of this # on my 101 List.

It’s pretty basic. Here’s a couple of photos of my dog, Blue, a lab-whippet mix (as far as I can tell!).

Blue at eight months, circa 2000

Blue at eight months, circa 2000

He’s my little buttercup of love, pal, snugglekins, fearless guard, loyal friend and even my inspiration for some of my hand-drawn greeting cards.

My little guy in profile, circa 2006

My little guy in profile, circa 2006

It was love at first sight when I spotted him at the South Pasadena SPCA in Los Angeles. Blue was in quarantine for a couple of weeks before I could finally take him home. The animal shelters in L.A. are hardcore, if you’re not there to pick up your dog on the day he or she is released, they euthanize the dogs. Needless to say, I can’t bear the idea of innocent dogs or cats being put down because they can’t find a home.

My heart grew about a gazillion times its original size the day I took him home. It sounds corny, but sometimes I wonder if he’s the love I’ve been looking for all this time, only because I feel so good giving him affection without any thought at all for what he gives me.

I thought it also made sense to make this donation starting ASAP, especially considering how very generous my family and friends have been in my quest to raise funds for the Weekend To End Breast Cancer Walk that I’m participating in.

Giving to charity feels good.

But not half as good as every time I see Blue greet me at the door with a full body wag. He’s nine years old now, and I’d pay anything for him to live another nine years. The time with him so far as gone by far too quickly.



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