#78 blind date #3 of ten


I have a drink date lined up for tomorrow night after work with “R” who works in finances. According to the It’s Just Lunch women, R is very successful in his field, somewhat taller than me at 5’10”, has brown hair and brown eyes…

I’m intrigued by the fact he works in a different field from me. But I’m suspicious about his love of vegetarian cooking.

Damn vegetarians.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a vegetarian. I respect your choice. But as someone who has dated several vegetarians, and lived with a couple of them, this information about R doesn’t bode well. I like meat. I eat some kind of animal-based protein (be it fish, poultry, red meat, eggs… you get the gist) every day, and past experience has taught me that this ultimately proves to be a deal-breaker for me and the ol’ veggies. They try to change me and I chafe at converting to their ways. Why must the meat-eater be the one to change? Why must the carnivore endure tirades and lectures on the merits of soy products and how the fake soy “pastrami” tastes almost like the real thing if you squint your eyes and burn your taste buds just prior to eating.

Yeah, I guess it’s fair to say I’ve got some baggage from my last relationship that ended two years ago. He was a vegetarian who cried whenever I brought meat into the house.  Not very manly behavior if you ask me. To this day I don’t even know what I was thinking except that it was a rebound relationship. There’s no other explanation.


This fretting over R’s dietary persuasions is certainly putting the cart before the horse! For all I know, he could have a glaring third eye or goiter on the side of his neck!

Let’s not forget that I have NO idea what to wear! Plus, I’ve been in a cranky mood for the last couple of weeks. And I’m retaining water, so I’m bloated and feeling pudgy-ugly-blechy-gross. I shouldn’t be out in public, let alone on a blind date.

In other words, I have bigger fish-shaped gluten products to fry than worry about R’s vegetarianism! Post date report to follow.




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3 responses to “#78 blind date #3 of ten

  1. jim

    some strane comments and provocative creative blog name

  2. Well, okay, in defense of vegetarians… you have to admit that we taste way better.

    (It sounds like your ex had issues way beyond just being veg… that boy needs to spend a few more years in the womb. )

    I think you should wear a hat made out of meat to your date. (Yeah, “http://hatsofmeat.com” ) If nothing else, you’ll be a hit with all the cats in the neighborhood.

    XO, Katie

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