like a virgin

Good lord, didn’t this poor woman have any friends or relatives to go dress shopping with her?  The only thing this bride has left to the imagination is where she’s hidden her virtue. And her taste.

Do you think the groom is a "boob" man?

Someone's a 'boob man'

This photo just makes me really sad.  I can see the bride had a vision for how she wanted to look on her wedding day. I can see how the wheels turned when she saw this dress and how she envisioned herself in the dress and, I think there was a painfully large divide between the vision (meant for a flat-chested woman) and reality (she’s got jugs and then some).

But why, oh, WHY didn’t someone tell her this dress was in such poor taste?!  You can see her aerola! That’s just wrong. But maybe the joke’s on the rest of us?

Look at the bride’s smile. She’s glowing and obviously happy. And why not? She snagged her man AND she’s put in a valiant effort to manage her groom’s “Madonna/Whore” complex, in public no less.

I give her 10 out of 10 for bravery alone.




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4 responses to “like a virgin

  1. freyjah

    Yikes. But you make a very good point–for all her poor taste, she has managed to snag a man who obviously adores her.

    I can’t believe our other outlet is offline…I am in withdrawal.

  2. edinadevine

    I’m in withdrawal too!

  3. Drawnwell

    Yep. Sometimes the mirror lies… sometimes it REALLY lies.
    As for other places… well… nothing like waking up and finding your wallet gone. We’ll just have to see what the story turns out to be.
    Feel free to email me.

  4. Kat

    Oh dear, I looked at the dress and felt sad for her. I called my partner over and he said he liked the dress… hrm.

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