I can’t wait to finish this:

The quilt is only half-way finished.  Over the Labor Day weekend, I managed to finish all of the panels.  It’s the first time I’ve sewn a nine-patch on point, and I seem to be taking the long way around.  Over the weekend, I hung out with my close friend (her family’s cottage) and her mom, who taught me how to quilt.  Every time I quilt with Mrs. H, I learn something new.  Like I should have used starch to keep the white triangles from stretching.

Oh well.  Whaddyagonna do?  It’s only my third quilt.

Here’s a close up on the fabric:

I still need to cut and sew the sashes that go in between each long panel.  I’m going to use the green fabrics and the sweet floral print.  And I’m using the striped fabric for the outside sashing/border, which will then have another wide border in the white and I’ll use the raspberry gingham for the binding.

Last fabric close up.  I promise!

I don’t have a name yet for my quilt.  Mrs. H names all her quilts, so newbie that I am to this art, I’m following her example.  The pattern is called “Little Sister” but that sounds too baby-ish.  I’m thinking of “Pretty In Prep” ’cause as you can see, I have a fondness for the ol’ pink and green.

Seeing as how my schedule is in a bit of a lull, I’m going to finish the quilt front or face or whatever you call it this week.  Then the hard work begins.  Quilting!  That I won’t do by hand.  Way too hardcore for me.  In the past I’ve given my (two) quilts to Mrs. H to machine quilt because she has one of those fancy long-armed machines.  For my third quilt, I think it’s time I try my hand at machine quilting a diamond pattern all by myself.

I’ll post a photo of the finished quilt… but don’t hold your breath.  At the rate I’m going, it could take another six months.



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  1. Elaine Benes

    I am mighty impressed! I love the pink and green. Edina, you never fail to inspire me. I think I must now make a quilt.

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