I decided to expand my horizons… so I signed up with Lavalife.

I dunno.

I’m feeling apprehensive about it. Putting up my photo and writing that “about yourself” blurb brought up a lot of my issues, namely: who the heck do I think I am? I am SO not into having a relationship, despite all my whinings to the contrary. I was humbled by the men who openly say they are looking for the love of their life.

Me? I didn’t have the balls to write that. I thought if I did, it would scare off potential suitors. I’m mad at myself for judging myself that harshly. So tomorrow, I’m going to edit my profile and accept that this is just part of the process for me to really stand up and say what I want.  No apology.

In other news, I have another IJL blind date tonight (Monday).

I know, I know… be positive. Right? Right!



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