blocks and stash and fabric, oh my!

I really gotta work on my photography skills.  I don’t think I’m doing justice to some of those squares in the strip-stringy quilt. I swear they look much nicer in person.

Here’s a close up of some squares before I sewed them into the bigger blocks:


Okay, maybe the colours are off.  I’m just so over the whole green thing nowadays.  I wish, in hindsight, that I had picked more purples and burgundies to go with the Anna Griffin print – the cream one with the burgundy writing which is my absolute fav in the whole mix.  At the time when I picked out all the fat quarters, I swear it looked like it would work.  And I do think my flash is off.

Plus… my tastes have changed.  These colours and fabrics have really revved my motor!  I bought fat quarters of this:


And these:


And I could NOT resist this, because… hello?  Cupcakes!  And FROSTING!!


I do wonder about colour.  And I wonder, specifically, if my taste changing signals something deeper…?  Like maybe a new and more vibrant chapter in my life is about to start?  I want to throw off the muted shades and embrace everything cheerful and crisp.

One last pic.  Here’s a photo of the fat quarters I’m giving to Rose, my quilting guru who has mentored me through three quilts and continues to guide me along the way.  She’s more into country prints but I couldn’t resist the new Heather Bailey (or is it Amy Butler) chocolate brown lace print on the far right (I think it’s Heather Bailey, it has more of her flare and I’m too lazy to go check).


I wonder what kind of quilt stores they have in Bangkok?  I cannot wait to see the selection of silks they have in the markets!



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