#78 go on ten blind dates — last blind date of 2008

And my first lavalife blind date, to boot.

Maybe there will be something lucky about 2008 rhyming with “date”?

I dunno.  But I’ll let you know how tonight goes.

S is a graphic designer who lives in my neighborhood (!!), he’s 38 or 41, I can’t remember which, divorced dad of two kids (??)… He shares my love of music and has a really nice, deep voice (we just spoke on the phone to firm up plans to meet tonight).

So we’ll see.  He says in his profile that he’s undecided about wanting kids and I know deep down that if I were to fall in love with someone, I’m definitely interested in having a child or two.

But one day at a time?  Besides, I leave for Thailand on Dec. 3oth!  So, there’s no time to get overwrought wondering what someone I’ve never met wants or does not want in his future and how that affects me.



(update to follow post-date)



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2 responses to “#78 go on ten blind dates — last blind date of 2008

  1. freyjah

    Hey, I hope it went well, will you come back and give us the details?

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