I’m here!

I’m still alive.  For what that’s worth to the random person who comes across this blog.  🙂

Lots going on and nothing going on.  In other words, as the Thai would put it, my life is “same same but different.”

Work is busy.

Men have come and gone.

I’ve lost and found the same five pounds over and over again.

I’ve been quilting.

And saving.

And spending.

And reading.

And writing.

But not nearly enough writing.

My life feels like it’s in a free-fall and I don’t even know if I care enough to freak out.  I wish I did.  It’s the ambivalence that I’m feeling that I detest the most and yet, for all that I hate it, I can’t seem to change it.  I just accept.

Accept that I feel meh about my career, my personal life, my friendships… everything.

I want to have a wild bush burning in my life.  I want to burn down everything that’s not working, slam doors in people’s faces and open windows to something… more fulfilling.

I still have LOTS left on my 101 list to complete.  Maybe hitting a few of those goals hard will shake things up for me, and help to purge what really needs to go and attract more of what needs to stay.




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2 responses to “I’m here!

  1. freyjah

    Hey, I’m still out here! Good to see you pop up on my RSS feed.

    And I can sooo relate to what you’re saying… as usual.

  2. Hi there. I’ve just crossed off a couple of the smaller goals on my list, it did seem to kick start quite a few other things without that being the intention!

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