Christmas Gifts A Go-Go…

Work has been crazy busy, but I’m carving out time to get on with making gifts for Christmas. I’m determined to make this a handmade holiday. It’s so easy to buy something, usually made in China, and while that’s fine and goodness knows, I’ve done that a lot in the past… This year I want to walk my talk of buying local or handmade, and better still – make it myself.

I can’t describe how rewarding it is to have an idea then bring it to life. If you’re a fellow quilter, crafter, baker, or anyone creative, then you know what I mean! And I’m not going to lie, I DO love the wonderful exclamation “You made that?!! WOW!!”

So… onwards. Here are some photos from my latest adventure in sewing. Jacquie from Tall Grass Prairie Studio has some wonderful tutorials, and I loved her kitchen set tutorial. I thought this would make a great gift set for a few of my friends. Since not all of my friends go made with decorating for the holidays, I thought I’d make the set in fabrics that can be in the kitchen year ’round. I made a trip to The Workroom to pick up “just one fat quarter” to round out my stash. Ahem.

I walked out of the shop with these:

There’s something about the mix of brown, aqua, grey and linen that just calls to me right now. But then I realized I didn’t really have a focal fabric. Not like the adorable Michael Miller “Holiday Hostess” print Jacquie used in her tutorial.

I decided to improvise and broke out my embroidery floss, grabbed some white Kona cotton scraps, Jenny Hart embroidery iron-on designs and le voila

I made a couple of wonky log cabin blocks using the embroidered squares as my focal point, and cut a 10×10″ square of the Robert Kaufman beater print for the back…

Then I sandwiched using warm and natural cotton batting and insulate — a special batting for oven mitts and that type of thing.

My quilting… it needs work! I don’t know how the fabric went wonky in that one place, but I am getting better with practice.

Here is the complete set — two potholders and a coordinating tea towel.

I just need to put a grommet in each pot holder and this set is done.




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3 responses to “Christmas Gifts A Go-Go…

  1. Sara

    I really, really love that tea towel! So pretty.

  2. sewtakeahike

    wow! I really like your set, your friend is going to be blessed indeed!

  3. Blueberry Park

    How funny I have seen this as only today I decided I wanted to do some embroidered tea-towels for chrissy pressies – and then I see this! My thoughts weren't as nearly as beautiful as yours, so thanks for the inspiration! The fabrics you have used are divine…what are the 3 on the far left?

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