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new fabric stash

I should really change the name of my blog to “Confessions of a Fabricholic” instead of Frostitute.  My love affair with cloth continues to burn strong.  My obsession with frosting is on the wane.  My waist line is better.

Fact:  I cannot go into my local fabric store without buying something.  I affectionately refer to the store owner as my “dealer.”  She thinks it’s amusing and no doubt, she felt the pinch when I was away in Thailand.

Here’s what I’ve added to my stash.  Some selections from Anna Griffith’s new line:

new Anna Griffin (& misc) stash

new Anna Griffin (& misc) stash

I don’t know why, but I’m on a red and white kick lately.  With everything.  At the beginning of February, I bought new bedding from Ikea in white with a red floral print.  Valentine’s had nothing to do with it.  I’ve been prowling through my apartment and as I look around, I see this trend has been brewing for quite some time.  My cherry red Kitchen Aid mixer, the cherry print napkins, apron, cookware… the list goes on.

So no surprise that the trend has now hit my bedroom.  What can I say, I’m really attracted to bright and clear colors right now!  It must be a herald of a new and exciting chapter in my life.  At least that’s how I’m looking at it today.



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#25. make a quilt for my dad

I finished this quilt just in time for Christmas and gave it to my father when we got together for the holiday.  The colors are a little on the feminine side, but they actually work with the color scheme in my dad’s home.

Dad's quilt

Dad's quilt (photo taken at my mom's place)

And here it is up closer:

close up of dad's quilt And the back:

back to dad's quilt (amy butler midwest mod fabric)

back of dad's quilt (Amy Butler midwest mod fabric)

Close up of the backing:

Amy Butler's Midwestern Modern fabric

Amy Butler's Midwestern Modern fabric

Why was this on my 101 in 1001 Days List?

Easy.  My dad is awesome.  He’s so supportive of anything that I want to do, and always has been.  You know that song, “The Wind Beneath My Wings”?  That’s my dad.  He has always supported my aims and goals in life,  even when he thought I was making a mistake but it was something I needed to do (ahem, a certain failed relationship).  Were it not for my father, I wouldn’t have been able to carve out the career I have.  He’s not only a good parent, he’s a very good friend too.

So when he and my mom, who have been divorced for over thirty-years, got together to buy me the Pfaf Classic Quilt sewing machine (mom’s idea) because I fell in love with quilting, it was a no-brainer that I needed to make him a quilt to show my appreciation.

I’m certain this is just one of several quilts I’ll make for my Dad as my quilting skills improve (I need to learn how to machine quilt/stipple.  Right now I use the in-the-ditch method and straight lines/diagonals).   I’d like to tackle something more masculine for him, as well.  Like a nice log cabin in plaids.


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I’m back from Thailand with lots and lots to blog about:

New quilt projects on the go.

New blind dates qued up.

Lots of follow up on 101 items I checked off my list while away, not the least being licked by an elephant!

Happy belated 2009!  Damn the uncertain times.



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blocks and stash and fabric, oh my!

I really gotta work on my photography skills.  I don’t think I’m doing justice to some of those squares in the strip-stringy quilt. I swear they look much nicer in person.

Here’s a close up of some squares before I sewed them into the bigger blocks:


Okay, maybe the colours are off.  I’m just so over the whole green thing nowadays.  I wish, in hindsight, that I had picked more purples and burgundies to go with the Anna Griffin print – the cream one with the burgundy writing which is my absolute fav in the whole mix.  At the time when I picked out all the fat quarters, I swear it looked like it would work.  And I do think my flash is off.

Plus… my tastes have changed.  These colours and fabrics have really revved my motor!  I bought fat quarters of this:


And these:


And I could NOT resist this, because… hello?  Cupcakes!  And FROSTING!!


I do wonder about colour.  And I wonder, specifically, if my taste changing signals something deeper…?  Like maybe a new and more vibrant chapter in my life is about to start?  I want to throw off the muted shades and embrace everything cheerful and crisp.

One last pic.  Here’s a photo of the fat quarters I’m giving to Rose, my quilting guru who has mentored me through three quilts and continues to guide me along the way.  She’s more into country prints but I couldn’t resist the new Heather Bailey (or is it Amy Butler) chocolate brown lace print on the far right (I think it’s Heather Bailey, it has more of her flare and I’m too lazy to go check).


I wonder what kind of quilt stores they have in Bangkok?  I cannot wait to see the selection of silks they have in the markets!


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strippy string quilt debate

I’ve been taking a quilting class and need to have my top ready for Thursday’s last class when we sandwich the top, batting and backing together and learn a simple machine way of quilting.


The thing is, I’m not in love with the teacher’s design:


It’s the border thing that’s bothering me.

Here are some photos of my quilt in progress.  Opinions welcome.  Oh, and I should add that I’m not crazy about the colours/fabrics I picked out.  This always happens to me.  I fall in love with the fabric, think it’s going to be great, start cutting it, sewing it and somewhere in the process of putting it together… I fall out of love with the fabric and question all of my choices.  To me, it looks ugly but it could be that my tastes have changed in the last week and I’m really starting to move away from muted shades and favour brighter colours now.

But I digress…

Option 1) Follow the class instruction and use the grey-purple fabric I picked out to use as a 4″ border around each square and for the border (just imagine the carpet is the border for now):


Option 2) do my own thing and sew all the squares together and use the grey-purple fabric for a  4″ (or 6″)  border (imagine the border around this):


Because this is the look I really like!  I love a scrappy quilt, like this:



To follow the teacher’s instructions (and pattern) or do my own thing?

Opinions welcome.



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That’s what I am.

Forget frosting.

I’m all about fabrics these days.  I have about five (probably more) quilt projects on my to-do pile.  There’s the Vintage Cherries pattern I want to do with my peach stash, then my Moda “Plum & Fig” Jelly Roll is begging to be unwrapped so I tackle one of the patterns in this book:

Jelly Roll Quilts

Jelly Roll Quilts

If only you knew the amount of time I’ve spent reading quilting blogs, surfing fabric websites and daydreaming about the quilts I want to make…

Forget men and work, and looking for love.   I just wanna quilt.


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new quilt project

So when waiting for love to knock on a girl’s door, what to do?

Why quilt of course!!

I finally found a pattern for the charcoal stash of fabric I started collecting in the summer.  I’m very excited about this!  I wanted something fresh but with a scrappy feel.  Scrappy quilts are my absolute favorite, and way back when I thought I’d do a scrappy nine-patch for my bed.

But then I found this at The Workroom (my fav hang out these days.  I know, not so good for meeting men.)

"Single Girl" quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt

"Single Girl" quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt

And here is a reminder of the fabric stash I’m going to use (I’ve added about 20+ more fat quarters to it since taking the photo.  Lots of blacks, whites, greys, a few more hits of teal, etc.):


This is my bedding, and if it all comes together, I think the “Single Girl” quilt using my grey stash will be a fantastic compliment to my room.  Fingers crossed!


I’ve read the pattern, and this promises to be the most complicated quilt project I’ve taken on to date!


Wish me luck!


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