the 101 list

101 Things In 1001 Days

Travel & Adventure

1. Walk/hike through Cinque Terre, Italy
2. Visit Versailles in the summertime
3. Play blackjack in Monte Carlo
4. Do a bicycle tour through France
5. Dine al fresco in Provence
6. Sunbathe nude on a Greek Island
7. Visit Florence, Italy
8. Watch the sun rise in three different countries DONE!
9. See the Northern Lights
10. See an opera at the Opera House in Sydney, Australia OR Vienna, Austria
11. Skate in Rockefeller Plaza in NYC at Christmastime
12. Snorkel in the Maldives

Wish Fulfillment

13. Test-drive a Porsche
14. Watch a movie on a big screen outdoors
15. Wash and pet an elephant (preferably in Thailand or Africa) DONE!
16. Rent out my condo and buy a house or vacation property
17. Become a parent
18. Fall in love with a life partner
19. Be on the cover of a magazine
20. Meet at least three new Open Diary favorites in person
21. Make out under the stars
22. Buy a pair of red shoes
23. Drink champagne on a sailboat


24. Paint or draw a self-portrait
25. Make a quilt for my dad DONE!
26. Make a cork board out of all the corks I’ve collected
27. Embroider my monogram onto a set of napkins
28. Monogram a set of sheets
29. Make a photo book with photos from a special experience/event/or trip
30. Bake a different kind of cake every month for 12 months
31. Dress up for Halloween in a spectacular costume
32. Make a new dish from every cookbook I own
33. Make a lemon custard tart


34. Learn how to play a piece of music on the piano
35. Learn how to make pasta from scratch
36. Learn how to bake bread from scratch
37. Learn how to rock climb
38. Learn how to sing one song really well (blues, opera, jazz… whatever suits my voice)
39. Take a ballet class
40. Sew a vintage style apron


41. Learn how to budget
42. Brown bag my lunch and walk to work three times a week
43. Pay off my credit cards
44. Save $75K

Been Meaning to Do That…

45. Finish watching all the movies on AFI’s Top 100 Movies of All Time
46. Write a book (no min. length)
47. Make a will
48. Organize and update my scrapbook
49. Set up my office space – proper desk, chair, sofa, area rug, art work. Make it warm, cozy and inviting
50. Read Gone With The Wind
51. Refrain from buying any new books until I’ve read all of the unread books I have sitting on my bookshelf
52. Host a clothing swap
53. Have a bonfire by the lake
54. Have a picnic in a vineyard
55. Go horseback riding
56. Go curling
57. Watch all five seasons of the new Battlestar Gallatica
58. Go to a Leafs game
59. Go to a TFC game
60. Leave a book for a stranger to find with a letter inside
61. Insure my jewelry and artwork
62. Set up medical/disability insurance and review my current benefits
63. Ride my bike from Sunnyside park to the Beaches and back

Beauty & Fitness

64. Drop two dresses and go from size 14 to size 10
65. Lose 20-30 pounds
66. Record my food intake in a food diary every day for a month
67. Refrain from eating after 8pm for a month
68. Do yoga once a week for twelve weeks
69. Do 100 push ups in a row
70. Walk 60 km in one weekend for the Walk To End Breast Cancer DONE
71. Drink water only (no coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.) for seven days
72. Do my back physio exercises every day for thirty days in a row (minimum)
73. Work out five times a week for five weeks in a row

Stretching Out of My Comfort Zone

74. Make a toast or speech in public DONE
75. Hire a professional photographer to take my portrait with me dressed as a 1950s Pin Up girl, inspired by the Vargas girl in my header
76. Take an acting class
77. Audition for a part in a play
78. Go on ten blind dates
79. Wear a blonde wig for a day and see how the world is different
80. Fly in a helicopter
81. Send a secret to

Career Growth

82. Run a TV show, preferably my own
83. Write on a U.S. show
84. Write a new spec script for a U.S. show
85. Live in L.A. for two months (min. to get ball rolling)
86. Make a list of established showrunners and network executives I want to meet
87. Meet with the people from the above list
88. Generate three new ideas for a TV show or movie every month for 12 months

Good Habits

89. Send Thank You notes
90. Identify 100 things that make me happy
91. For one month be in bed by 11pm on weeknights whether or not I’m tired
92. Floss every day for a month
93. Call my parents every week for twelve weeks in a row
94. Email and call my friends more often
95. Respond immediately to all my emails every day for a month

Doing For Others

96. Make a monthly donation to the Humane Society for 24 months DONE
97. Anonymously send flowers to at least three friends… just ‘cause.
98. Make a quilt for charity
99. Babysit for a friend
100. Make something for my aunts and uncle who live in my province (complete dinner or craft) and deliver it personally
101. Blog about every item on my list: why it was on my list, how I crossed it off, and what kind of change, if any, it had on my life… and maybe in the process, inspire someone else to take up this challenge


3 responses to “the 101 list

  1. Kawaii Anime Gal

    Girl, I like this. I LIKE THIS A LOT. I will copy you and thank you so much for this. I don’t know how much of this will fall into failure but hey! I will try!

  2. shaaakspsyco

    in 1001 days?

  3. thewhitebookbyjooo

    do number 8 here! 🙂

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